family financial planning

Total Financial Management

At Herbst Financial Advisors, we view financial planning as the cornerstone of an effective wealth management approach. We believe that no matter how much wealth you have accumulated, it’s impossible to feel confident about your financial position and future needs if you don’t have an enduring and comprehensive financial plan in place that you understand—a plan that’s designed to ensure:

Our process has been developed and refined over the course of 20 years and is unique to Herbst Financial Advisors, Inc. 

Total Financial Management

Total Financial Management is a disciplined approach that consists of five separate and distinct stages. The result is a clear and defined plan that provides you with the financial tools you need to help you reach your goals.

Stage I: Creating a Current Financial Snapshot
We gain a greater understanding of your needs, values and current financial situation.

Stage II: Defining and Prioritizing Goals
We identify and prioritize your goals and create strategies designed specifically for your life objectives.

Stage III: Creating a Financial and Investment Plan
Next we develop a comprehensive financial and investment plan that will assist in meeting your life goals. 

Stage IV: Implementation
During the implementation stage, we transfer and reallocate your assets according to the strategy we have developed together.

Stage V: Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment
Once your plan is implemented, we monitor every aspect of the plan on an ongoing basis.

Our Total Financial Management process ensures that everything we do for you is consistent with your goals and objectives. This is accomplished through on-going analysis and regular communication with you to maintain the integrity of your investment strategy.

During the monitoring stage, we conduct Portfolio Review Meetings. These meetings keep you informed about issues affecting your financial and investment plan. We will review your portfolio’s performance as well as changes in the financial markets. This is an opportunity for us to ensure that we are meeting your objectives, indentifying life changes and making any necessary adjustments or enhancements to maximize the realization of your life goals.